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Renata Domagalska

Painting with traditional techniques: oil on canvas, acrylic, pastel. Figurative painting, ekspressive - impressionistic...

Theme: Nude, Portrait, Landscape, Cityscape, dance: Flamenco, Tango, Folklore & Other...

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Welcome to my painting gallery!

I am working with hand tradicional techniques:
Drawing and sketching with dry/oil pastels, watercolored pencils, watercolour, coil, graphite, lumograph, pencils. On normal and acid free paper, Cotton, variety of thickness and experimenting with transparent Mylar.

Painting with watercolour, acrylic, oil on canvas, wood, thick papers.

expo painting and sketches by Renata Domagalska
About my inspiration: Curiosity and the world thats surrounds me. Nature of Animals (humans included ;-)) and their relations among themselves and others. I am interested in biology and especially psychological part of nature , secrets of both natures..

What else we have to discover , learn about ourselves. Perhabs part of that knowledge we lost while experimental building of civilisations. All processes on this world I see as endless transformation, we all are in movement. The only stable factor here is MOVEMENT.
As we live in era of environmental degradation, massive extinction of species, plants, animals, we are separating from our nature.
Living in a seaside city, everyday I observe sea life: seagulls, people on the beach, walking along rocky coast. What gives them contact with sand, sunshine, water, sea, air.... No matter age, everyone is like a child. Totally in the Moment. This is beautiful view to me..
I live and create in North Spain in a natural paradise : "Paradiso Natural" is the advertisement slogan for province of Asturias. Green mountain chain "Sierra del Aramo" and Cantabric sea surrounding Gijón (Xixón), a port city besides the beach, city which remembers times of ancient Rome, Visigoth King Pelayo, here was born Jovellanos in the famous "Barrio CIMADEVILLA" ...
Bedrock costs with palms and eucalyptus trees are on my daily walking with dog. The rainy and humid region more seems to be Scotland than Spain which everybody associates with hot Andalusia.

Fragrance of sea water, port, Apple "Sidra", rural landscape spreaded out with old-time sheds "Hórreos", numerous old factories are beauties or in case of industry - cursing of Asturias.

Green paradise full of edible chestnuts mixed with dirt of industry.

The most animal friendly city of Spain. The four legged have here their own beach, allowed entrance in numerous locals, vegan restaurants, bars, coffee shops.

All this and much more is background of my atelier..

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'Originally the dance was a secret art, celebration, had religious connotations. People danced to celebrate - all important life events have been celebrated by dancing and music. Now there should be no different. (...) We need to integrate themselves in some activity.

As for the dancing - it should work on three levels: Area - where we dance. Why and what we want to present to others (to create the dynamism, mental process), how to become an eagle towering over the tradition. The third level is a celebration of life forms through the form of the body.'

(Alassane Wat)

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