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Renata Domagalska

Painting with traditional techniques: oil on canvas, acrylic, pastel. Figurative painting, ekspressive - impressionistic...

Theme: Nude, Portrait, Landscape, Cityscape, Dance, Tango, Folklore & Other...

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Welcome to my painting`s website. My name is Renata Domagalska. Presently live and work in Gijón (Spain). Take up painting since many years, practically since I remember.. More less from 2000 those paintings are spreads into private collections many countries around. Although 'Painting is the art of silence' it is difficult to talk about the subtle, many levels world of painting.. All classification and grounds I leave to the viewer.. However few words about subject matter I choose.. I am trying - or not at all - it`s quite natural to me - to reach light and positive theme, intentionally turn attention away from greyness of so-called 'reality'... The power of painting gives the beautiful possibility to create better own reality, better weather windows.. Well then my canvases` world it`s colourful, bearer of happy tidings, filled to the brim with positive spirit. I am fascinated by vitality of Life in its variety forms. The point is about the inner STATE, not about the outside circumstances.. ...Dancing people, the Life`s pulsation, the pulsation of everything.. even silence.. There is no place for apathy and melancholy. Should be inspiration to a hedonistic living, full of Light, Vigour, Sense of Existence, Warmth & Love..

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On line Gallery presents my original paintings. All works are made with traditional techniques: oil on canvas, acrylic, pastel, drawing. Predominant motif of this work are women. Women's portraits, nudes, dancers. Another pet subject is the atmosphere of sunny southern countries, small towns with their little streets teeming with life...

Categories are divided into eight themes: ::Nude in the painting and drawing, a series of images about Dances Of The World in the painting: ::Flamenco in the painting, ::Tango in the painting, ::Folklore - Country dancing and the paintings with the motif of ::Landscape,::Cityscape - Streets in the painting and drawing, ::Portrait in the painting and drawing. ::Other - Various subjects in the painting (sport, horse racing, still life, women's portraits etc...).

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'Originally the dance was a secret art, celebration, had religious connotations. People danced to celebrate - all important life events have been celebrated by dancing and music. Now there should be no different. (...) We need to integrate themselves in some activity.

As for the dancing - it should work on three levels: Area - where we dance. Why and what we want to present to others (to create the dynamism, mental process), how to become an eagle towering over the tradition. The third level is a celebration of life forms through the form of the body.'

(Alassane Wat)

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